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Intensive French

intro1 (4K)Our speciality:
to teach you the best way
to communicate in French
in your professional contacts and social life.

Canal France's know-how is based on many years of teaching experience. We focus mainly on teaching French language and specifics of the French culture.

To get a maximum result in a minimum of time, our intensive trainings allow you to highly improve your level, from whatever knowledge you currently have.

Through modern teaching techniques in a friendly atmosphere you will be totally immersed in your study of French.

All our teachers are native speakers. They will guide you and support your efforts to express yourself efficiently in French.


casquejaune (2K) Learning French online is possible with our E-solutions which allow to:

improve your level by using technological innovations,

benefit from a flexible system compatible with the participant's availability,

study at the office, when travelling or at home,

benefit from our on-line assistance or regular coaching.

offer more participants the possibility to follow a quality course

   and it meets your budget.

Our E-solutions programmes